Does Your Business Have the Tools to Effectively Manage Against Today’s Cyber Threats?

It seems every week the media is reporting new security breaches that are wreaking havoc on businesses and their customers. Many of them are the result of endpoint attacks, which isn’t surprising, considering more than half of U.S. businesses have suffered some form of endpoint attack compromising their data and or infrastructure.

Successful attacks impact businesses in several ways, including IT and end user productivity loss, system downtime, and loss of data and information – the top three consequences cited by IT and security professionals. Ponemon Institute says the average loss from a successful endpoint attack exceeds $5 million for large businesses.

Evolving Cyber Threats

The fact is that hackers and cyber criminals are constantly evolving their attack methods to try to stay ahead of the security curve. That’s resulted in a high volume of “fileless” attacks, which, rather than installing new malicious software on machines, hijack existing applications to carry out their malicious activities.

Fileless attacks are harder to detect and require much more diligent effort from IT and security teams, straining already limited resources. The problem is that 73% of IT professionals say endpoint risk management is becoming more difficult, and only 36% say they have enough resources to handle it. The good news is 69% also say endpoint security has climbed higher on the list of corporate IT priorities – but that only helps if IT teams have the tools to effectively manage and monitor endpoints.

The 2018 Micro Focus Cybersecurity Summit

The 2018 Micro Focus Cybersecurity Summit, taking place September 25-27 in Washington, D.C., will cover the entire cybersecurity challenge, with the objective of providing businesses the information they need to manage risk, ensure compliance, guard privacy and data, and generally protect against and react to threats they face each day.  Check out the full agenda.

A key component to programming at the summit is Secure Unified Endpoint Management, specifically featuring ways IT teams can leverage the ZENworks Suite of Endpoint Management tools to reduce their workload while more effectively protecting corporate assets.  The ZENworks Suite is a holistic solution for Unified Endpoint Management, software asset management, endpoint security management, desktop containerization, and IT service management.  It is designed to help IT teams overcome the challenges they are facing, including the need to constantly monitor and manage endpoints for security threats.

Education at the summit will cover IT management automation, device lifecycle management, simplifying IT processes while increasing productivity for users, and effectively securing devices and corporate data.  One of the highlights is a case study from a large healthcare network that serves patients in 22 states from 203 locations.  Key sessions at the summit include:

Automating IT management processes across device lifecycles with ZENworks: Present and future

Looking for a solution to help you manage and secure your endpoints? Want to know what ZENworks is all about and where Endpoint Management is headed? If so, this session is for you. We’ll introduce you to the Micro Focus Endpoint Management portfolio, the challenges it addresses and the future. Come find out how you can effectively manage and secure your IT assets and move with confidence into the future using ZENworks.

Managing the device lifecycle with ZENworks

Are you struggling to manage the sheer number of endpoints in your organization? Do you have multiple systems to manage that are OS/device-specific? Did you know that employee mobility leads to 23% more productivity and significantly improves employee satisfaction? Are your end users frustrated that they can’t work the way they want to? If so, ZENworks is here to help. This session examines the Unified Endpoint Management capabilities of ZENworks Configuration Management. Come see how our robust enterprise management capabilities and identity-centric management paradigm can help simplify management tasks while giving your users the flexibility they want to get their jobs done.

Securing your devices and data with ZENworks

You know the stats: one laptop stolen every 53 seconds, 70 million smartphones lost each year, 14,714 vulnerability exploits in 2017, 1579 U.S. data breach incidents in 2017. You know the victims: Equifax, Deloitte, Target, FedEx, Orbitz, Aetna. If a laptop was lost or a mobile device stolen from your company tomorrow, would you be next? If an end user found a USB stick in the parking lot, would yours be next? Are you sure your users are leveraging your corporate VPN when working remotely so you aren’t the next data breach headline? ZENworks is an identity-centric, secure endpoint management solution that enables you to manage all these threats and more from a single console. This session will examine how to leverage the power of patch management, data encryption, VPN enforcement, containerization and more to secure your most vulnerable IT assets with Micro Focus ZENworks.

Simplifying IT processes and increasing user productivity

Trinity Health is one of the largest multi-institutional Catholic healthcare delivery systems in the nation. It serves people and communities in 22 states from coast to coast with 94 hospitals and 109 continuing care locations—including home care, hospice, PACE and senior living facilities—that provide more than 107,000 home health and hospice admissions. This customer session focuses on Trinity’s deployment of ZENworks Configuration Management and ZENworks Patch Management—highlighting software distribution, secure patch management, asset management and automation of desktop migration to Windows 10. Other topics will include reporting and imaging. Come and learn how Trinity increased IT efficiency and improved end-user productivity by automating IT processes with ZENworks.

Having the budget, staff, and management commitment are necessary, but without the proper tools and knowledge base, managing large networks of endpoint devices is nearly impossible, especially with the constantly evolving threats against them.  Don’t miss this opportunity to make sure your IT staff have the information and assets to ensure your endpoint-driven business isn’t crippled by a cyber attack.

Register for Cybersecurity Summit 2018 today and stay up to date on the Summit by following Micro Focus Security on Twitter and using the hashtag #MicroFocusCyberSummit.

Thanks for reading, I hope to meet you there, and don’t hesitate to find me on Twitter if you need to talk in the meantime…..

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