You DO need a file transfer strategy

Being a marketer, I will occasionally come up with profoundly thought-provoking questions, such as “Is Your Existing File Transfer Strategy Effective?” Maybe the first question you are asking yourself upon hearing that particular question is “do I need a file transfer strategy?” After all, would you apply the concept of a strategy to an ordinary everyday activity such as say…making lunch?

Probably not, unless you had a goal in mind, like losing 15 pounds before a summer reunion or your daughter’s wedding. Then you’re probably thinking about lunch in the context of risk (what if I can’t fit into that tuxedo?), reliability (will I be satisfied enough to avoid snacking later?), and accountability (what will I report at my next weigh-in?).

Things do change

What is changing to cause organizations to look strategically at their everyday file transfer activity?

  • Risk – There is sensitive information in those files exchanged with partners and customers over the Internet
  • Reliability – Some files have become too big for legacy technologies like FTP
  • Accountability – Regulatory compliance with audits measuring data security controls

Enter Managed File Transfer

MFT solutions are designed to support strategic file transfer with capabilities that include:

  • Secure protocol support for files in transit, with an architecture that eliminates the staging of sensitive files on the Internet
  • Very large file support
  • Centralized auditing that captures the who, what, where, and when of each file transfer

A healthier outlook

Just as the benefits of a healthy diet transcend fitting into a nice outfit, managed file transfer boasts benefits beyond security and reliability. MFT solutions also deliver enhanced operational efficiency through automation, streamlined file processing, and notifications.

What’s for lunch?

MFT supports an effective file transfer strategy, offering improved security, reliability, and efficiency.

What MFT won’t do is help you chose a salad over a hamburger at lunchtime.

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