xChange13: The Heat Is On in Mainframe Development

They say that if you get enough chimpanzees together and give them access to enough computers, eventually they will make a Software Change, Configuration and Release Management solution as good as ChangeMan ZMF. I am not sure I can wait that long and I’ve seen how “Planet of the Apes” turns out. Of course, if you don’t have anyone working on improving your SCCM & RLM solutions, you’ll never keep up with the ever fascinating world of change we all live in.  I can assure you that Serena’s development team is very busy.

In fact, they’re even busier in preparation of xChange13, Serena’s global user conference from September 16-18 in Miami.  When xChange comes around each year, members of our development team vie for a ticket to attend. It is a very hard competition, indeed. With so much talent, all with some new and exciting technology to show off, selecting the dozen or so to attend is difficult. This year the contest is heating up, with developers eager to be the first to reveal the latest secrets from the Serena labs.

For our mainframe customers, there are some sensational new capabilities and critical advances in the areas you have been pushing for. The mainframe team will be there in force to answer your questions and immerse you in the improvements and progress we’ve made across the product line.  Check out the complete list of mainframe breakout sessions.

See you in Miami, with shoulder pads, turned out collars, and a pocket-protector!  If you haven’t yet registered for xChange13, do so now before the Early Bird Pricing expires on June 3.

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