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Get the very best in Serena Education in an accelerated, high energy learning environment!  All at a supremely discounted rate, as much as 50-60%, depending on the class.  If you are joining us this fall for Serena xChange12 and you want to maximize the use of our solutions, then enroll in a post-conference training session.

The courses will be taught by our Education Instructors and begin immediately after xChange12 on Thursday, September 13 and conclude on Friday, September 14.  Courses that are normally 3-4 days will be collapsed into a 2-day intensive format.  Same classes, just packed into less time.

The perks you’ll enjoy:

  • A huge discount off our regular listed price: each class is $1,000.
  • The same low room rates for the extra nights.
  • Breakfast and lunch during training days!
  • The option to add additional students from your organization at the same discounted rate of $1,000 per student.

Available courses:

  • 200 – SBM 10.1 Designer and Administrator Intensive class, 2 days, $1,000
  • 300 – SBM 10.1 Advanced Designer class, 2 days, $1,000
  • 400 – SBM 10.1 Advanced Orchestrations & Scripting Intensive class, 2 days, $1,000
  • 200 – Dimensions CM Fundamentals Intensive class, 2 days, $1,000
  • 300 – Dimensions CM Administrative Intensive class, 2 days, $1,000
  • 100-200 – RM User/Advanced Intensive class, 2 days, $1000

See more detailed class descriptions and add Training to your xChange12 experience!


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