xChange 2015: all hands on deck!




So we are off and running with xChange 2015. Record crowds in the breakout sessions and a packed house for the kickoff general session this morning.

Greg Hughes talked about the need to “Move Fast Without Breaking Things” and his first love … a 128k RAM, twin 320kb floppy, 32lb “portable” computer. He drove home the critical need of modern organizations to create an infrastructure environment that supports dev teams while, at the same time, ensuring control, visibility and compliance. Every organization is “facing unimagined challenges securing their software repositories” and he laid out a set of 5 best practices that can be actioned immediately.

In describing Serena’s product strategy each of Serena’s development leaders showed off the latest innovations in each of the product lines. With new releases of every Serena product in the last 12 months and two major product announcements today with the release Serena Service Manager 5.2 and Serena Deployment Automation 5.2 it was an important start for the conference. Dimensions RM showed off the first ever Requirements Visualization feature that lets users drag and drop requirements, dependencies and relationship right on to releases. Dimensions CM showed the ChangeSet Graph which lets you see development teams building and deploying code in real time. The ChangeMan ZMF team talked about their new, high-performance, migration tool designed to automatically eliminate the repository sprawl on the mainframe.

Keep an eye on Twitter and follow @serenasoftware and look out for #serenaxchange for the latest updates.

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