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Being able to read this blog isn’t a given. The ProLiteracy group believe up to 29% of all US adults over 16 only read at an eighth grade level.

Let’s read right

As with many national problems, help lies at a local level and there’s some great grassroots work out there. Perhaps that’s why Micro Focus Project Manager Stephanie Leavitt, a long-time volunteer with Project Read nominated them to benefit from the Micro Focus Corporate Social Responsibility program. We align our charitable giving with local projects – and this was a great example.

This Utah-based initiative focuses exclusively on adult literacy and numeracy, two skills most of us take for granted. Literacy is writing a résumé and communicating online, pre-requisites of getting a job and supporting families. Adult literacy issues cost the US economy around $225bn every year.

It’s also a simple pleasure that the 36 million adults who read like the average 3rd grader all miss out on. No Catcher in the Rye, or any of my fave books, such as The Anarchist Cookbook. Insert your favorite.


We helped!

So our Provo office was happy to swing in behind Project Read by donating books and school supplies. More than 50 people helped to collect more than 148 books, lots of supplies as well as a cash donation of more than $2700, which Micro Focus happily matched.


Great work, guys!

Emily Evangelista

Director of Digital Marketing





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