Universe 2019 – Wipro Awarded Multi Solution Implementation Partner Award



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What a fabulous event we hosted at Micro Focus Universe in Vienna, Austria this past week.  There were 1350 customers and partners from across more than 60 countries present.  The energy, engagement and interaction throughout the event was contagious.  It was so exciting to see people wanting to learn more about the Micro Focus Advantage and the value we deliver to customers while empowering their Digital Transformation.

There were more than 130 breakout sessions, all focusing on how customers are leveraging our Enterprise DevOps, Hybrid IT Management, Security Risk & Governance and Predictive Analytic solutions along with Partner demos and showcases.


Micro Focus is delighted to announce that our Alliance partners – Wipro  – were awarded the prestigious Multi Solution Implementation Partner Award for 2019.

Wipro is recognized as one of the “Top 10 most valuable IT Services brands globally by Brand Financial IT Services 15 Report for 2019.   Wipro works across multi industries including:  Aerospace & Defense, Communications, Engineering & Construction, Medical Devices, Pharm & Life Sciences, Securities & Capital Markets, Utilities, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Natural Resources, Network Equipment, Platforms & Software, Public Sector Semiconductors, Banking, CPG, Insurance, New Age Markets, Oil & Gas, Process Manufacturing, Retail and Travel & Transportation.

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Wipro’s Innovation approach is designed to solve real, specific problems and address tangible opportunities to create value for client’s businesses. With a laser sharp focus on relevant solutions to help clients deliver at hyper-speed and global scale, Wipro’s innovation processes cut across functional boundaries and includes stakeholders across business and technology.

Many congratulations to the Wipro team! To catch up on what happened content-wise at #MicroFocusUniverse 2019, don’t hesitate to register for our on-demand Micro Focus Universe by hitting the logo below

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