Why Third-party Archiving is Necessary in Exchange Environments

The Microsoft Exchange centralized archive is an improvement over previous Exchange archiving options. However, it still does not provide organizations the ability to meet regulatory compliance requirements. This is because Exchange is missing some important capabilities that many organizations require, such as support for mobile device users, single-instance storage, and sophisticated content highlighting or tagging tools. The lack of role-based search (i.e., searches based on user roles instead of names) and lack of support for all of the data types an organization might need to process could limit the appeal of the archiving capabilities built into Exchange. And its missing supervision/surveillance tools also limit the effectiveness of native Exchange archiving as a compliance solution. Consequently, many organizations use third-party archiving solutions to satisfy all of their retention and archiving needs. Retain, the leading-edge unified archiving solution, fills the need as a complete data storage solution with a full set of archiving, eDiscovery, and retention tools.

So…what’s missing in Microsoft Exchange?

  1. Lack of platform independence – Exchange only supports archiving of Exchange messages – it does not support archiving of other email systems.This means that it is inadequate for organizations that run multi-platform or mixed environment email systems. And the Exchange archive is not platform agnostic, meaning it is difficult for organizations to move from the Exchange archive to another email or archive system
  2. Lack of single-instance storage (SIS) – This demands larger storage space needs and increases costs
  3. Lack of load reduction – Exchange archives messages on the Exchange server, meaning that there are higher server loads which lead to higher costs and system slowdown
  4. Social media, mobile data, and instant message communications are not archived – Organizations cannot be in full compliance with regulations that require these kinds of data to be stored
  5. No centralized data access – You cannot access the data on mixed environment email platforms, or access archived social, mobile, or email communication
  6. No redaction support – Complete eDiscovery and data exporting requires the ability to redact information that is not pertinent to the discovery request
  7. SharePoint and premium licensing are required – Whether useful, cost-effective or not, SharePoint must be installed as a part of the premium licensing plan
  8. Exported archive data is limited to PST – Organizations may need or want other export formats, including PDF, for eDiscovery and court mandated searches
  9. Organizations cannot perform eDiscovery on Exchange alone – Additional Microsoft products must be used to perform eDiscovery, which increases costs and complexity

Retain is the enterprise-level archiving solution for Exchange environments.

Retain provides the tools your organization needs to ensure your data is securely archived, thus mitigating your risk for data loss and compliance violations. With Retain, Exchange customers will have:

  • Multi-Platform and Mixed-Platform Environment Support in one simple access point
  • Single-Instance Storage cuts down on the total number of servers needed for archiving data.
  • Reduced server loads because of reduced data requirements.
  • All Social Media and mobile electronic communication is archived in the same location.
  • Centralized access and control of all email messaging data, social media and mobile electronic communication archives, no matter the platform
  • Full Redaction Support with built-in eDiscovery and policy-based archiving tools. This includes a built-in stand-alone viewer that offers litigation hold, print, forward, save, redact, export, and search tools
  • Neither SharePoint nor premium licensing are needed.
  • Extensive search and publishing tools are included. Data is easily exported as a PST or PDF file.
  • You can maintain all the benefits of Exchange and ensure your messaging system is securely archived on-prem or in the cloud
  • Retain is competitively priced to meet the needs of any organization

Retain archives all of your electronic communication, and not just your Exchange email. With Retain, you can archive multi-platform email messages, social media and mobile data in one central archive. This archive can be easily accessed, searched and includes powerful eDiscovery tools. Experience the better approach to archiving with Retain!
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