Why are we blogging anyway?

If your business is like most businesses, there’s electronic data in motion all of the time. It’s flying through the air over wireless networks, or pumping through the cables in your walls. It’s jumping in messages between people, and it’s racing between your servers. Electronic data moves into your organization from the outside, and goes out from your employees and systems to partners and customers.

Having been around the block a few times…

Attachmate has been in the data in motion business for over two and a half decades. We’ve learned a few things over that time, especially about what changes when that data contains sensitive, proprietary, or personal information.

…why wouldn’t we blog?

So why wouldn’t we want to share what we’ve learned so that we can also hear from you…mutually keeping each other in the loop on an ever evolving landscape of use cases, threats, vulnerabilities, and data security controls?

With a blog, we get to post entries on relevant topics, and readers get to share comments and insights back to us.

Where’s the focus?

If you know Attachmate, it’s where you would think:

  • What happens when data moves between workstations and host-based applications as users access those applications and the sensitive information that they front-end.
  • What happens when files are transferred from users to users, from users to servers, and from servers to servers…within and outside of the organization.

These two subjects go broad and deep. They span topics including:

  • Best practices for secure file transfer
  • Understanding data security protocols such as secure shell (SSH) and secure sockets layer (SSL)
  • Moving very large files, reliably and quickly
  • Getting data across different platforms (ie. IBM z/OS to UNIX)
  • Authentication technologies, such as public keys and public key infrastructure (PKI)

Stay tuned…

We’ll be learning even as we’re sharing, and of course your feedback will be critical. Keep an eye on us as we develop our presence and our voice. Let us know what you think.

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