Where are you with Continuous Delivery in the Enterprise?

Whenever the words “Continuous Delivery” and “Enterprise IT” are used in the same sentence it rapidly turns into a page or at least a paragraph.  That is because “Enterprise IT” generally means a big, diverse set of heterogeneous infrastructures glued together across many teams and locations that use many different tools and processes to develop and deploy software. Each enterprise has its own unique DNA that has organically evolved through generations of applications and technologies with its own historic set of artifacts and processes that have weathered the storms of innovation.

Continuous Delivery’s goal is to find ways to deliver high-quality, valuable software in an efficient, fast and reliable manner. It’s an effective pattern for getting software from development to release. However, mapping a set of automated deployment pipelines across an entire enterprise can be challenging and in many instances may take years to achieve or may never happen completely.  Does that mean you should not start implementing Continuous Delivery?  Absolutely not. Continuous Delivery is an ideal, an end state with continuous improvement every step along the way.  This is something we are going to discuss at the next DevOps Drive-in Webinar. Don’t miss out! Sign up for “Achieving Continuous Delivery in the Enterprise, powered by Serena and CloudBees” today.

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