What’s new in Modernization Workbench Version 3.2.

Modernization Workbench delivers true insight into enterprise applications. Executives gain top-level insight into value, cost, and risk of applications, to identify and drive modernization and development priorities. Rich technical insight means that development teams can adapt and modernize their applications to respond to strategic goals. 

The new v3.2 release of the Modernization Workbench family of products delivers enhanced value across five key areas:

More Powerful Analysis:  Modernization Workbench has always set the standard for depth of analysis.  Now, new capabilities mean that advanced users can extend language and platform support. For example, it gives users the ability to capture additional insight into the structure of XML-based Application Frameworks, such as a proprietary Java framework, among others. 

Broader Coverage:  Users with C# .NET can take advantage of Modernization Workbench to generate Application Portfolio Management metrics and perform high-level impact analysis.  The result is better decision-making across even highly heterogeneous portfolios.

Analysis at Your Fingertips:  A new ‘assistant’ feature dramatically accelerates analysis. Now users can instantly pivot from an artifact of interest to related analytics that are in context.  This delivers faster outcomes for any application assessment.

Enhanced Analysis in Visual Studio:  New analytical capabilities have been added to the Visual Studio 2010 based Analyzer Express module.  Users can access Control Flow and Execution Path analysis within the development environment they use every day.  This delivers greater insight into how a COBOL application is structured, helping to speed development.  Convenient query libraries and visualization tools help identify issues in code that could impair quality and maintainability.

Better Business Decisions:  New enhancements to Enterprise View simplify the organization of metrics by business process, geography, and development team.  Now managers gain valuable insight to determine where to focus resources to ensure that their applications are modernized.

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