What’s coming up for TestPartner?

You can be part of the latest TestPartner development plans.

As development plans for TestPartner gather pace we want to share what is in the pipeline for TestPartner and its migration path to SilkTest.

So far the basic assessment and conversion technology has been created and October sees the next big step as we put the technology into the hands of key customers for testing, with a plan to start on conversions in early 2012.

Would you like to be part of the exciting next step for TestPartner? If you are interested in having a look at this technology and are willing to help us test it with your TestPartner database and applications, please send an email to Steve Dykstra at steven.dykstra@microfocus.com to register your interest.

In the meantime, here’s the latest update on the status of TestPartner developments:

  • TestPartner support for IE9 – TestPartner IE9 support is being first introduced in a hot fix: ‘TestPartner 6.3.0 WS 4 HF1’.  This release, currently being uploaded to SupportLine, will enable TestPartner customers to record and play back with IE9. Customers who require IE9 support are encouraged to download and use this hot fix. We also expect to include this support in a full WebSync version soon.
  • SilkTest 2011 – the release of SilkTest 2011 is imminent. This contains support for 64 bit, Silverlight and 3270 based applications. Do please evaluate SilkTest 2011, but keep in mind that SilkTest 2012 is the release we are targeting for TestPartner customers because it includes other key features from TestPartner.
  • TestPartner to SilkTest migration – the TestPartner to SilkTest migration project is making great progress. The migration technology falls is really two technologies: the first for assessing a TestPartner database for convertibility, and the second for doing the actual conversion. The following diagrams illustrate the assessment reports which break down script assets and the objects in TestPartner.

This report Breaks down assets and scores them for convertibility


This report assesses each line of a script

We are excited about the shape that TestPartner is taking and look forward to sharing more news with you soon. If you would like to take part in the testing program, please contact Steve Dykstra at steven.dykstra@microfocus.com

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