What Rogue One Teaches us about Archiving and Security

Star Wars Spoiler Alert: If you have not seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, there are spoilers ahead!

The latest installment of Star Wars gives us a powerful lesson on why communication archiving is important. There are three major lessons to learn about why your organization should be archiving your business communication.

  • Keep your communication data secure
  • Keep the right communication data (email, social media, and mobile communication)
  • The need for quick and easy access to your archived business communication data

1. Keeping Your Information Secure

As we witnessed in Rogue One, the plans for the Death Star were held in a huge data vault. Even though this data vault looks archaic compared to our data storage systems today (Didn’t the data store look like it was a huge room of old tapes? Who uses tapes anymore?), the data needed to be more secure.

The Empire appeared to have plenty of security. The Data was stored on a distant planet, with a force field (firewall?), guards, and secure access to the data vault. However, the Empire was missing encryption and a data failover solution. Once the rebel forces accessed the data that contained the plans to the Death Star, it was over. There was no data encryption, no way to keep the rebels out.

So what does this mean for your company? Keep your data safe and secure. Make sure you have control over who accesses your data and how, and ensure that your data features full and robust encryption. These measures will keep your sensitive information secure and will ensure that you do not lose precious confidential data (and you won’t need to go all Darth Vader on your employees! You all saw that scene, right? Wasn’t that just insane?!)


2. Keeping the Right Business Communication Data

In Rogue One, the data archive held a lot of information, maybe too much information. What are you currently storing in your communication archive that doesn’t need to be there? Is there useless information? Is there harmful information? Is there old information? Do you have the right information?

A good archiving solution will allow you to archive all email, social media, and mobile messages;in other words, all your company’s important business communication. And the proper solution will give you policy-based archiving, allowing you to specify what data you need to keep, by department, by user, by item type, by time, etc. This will give you the ability to keep only what you need, for the time you need it!

3. You Need Quick and Easy Access to Your Data

Was it just me, or was it super hard for the rebels and the empire to access the data? I mean, not in a good way. Director Krennic was already having a terrible day. His boss threatened to take over his position for the security breach, followed by Darth Vader going all-out Sith Lord on him and nearly choking him to death (not exactly a good day for Krennic’s career!) He showed up on Scarif where the Empire’s archaic archive was located and, trying to mitigate the damage, ordered the entire staff to produce every communication that Galen Erso had ever made. The bewildered look on the staffs’ faces showed it all as they replied it was impossible. Imagine if a court, or regulatory body came to your organization and asked you to produce that kind of data? How would you feel? Would you be able to find it? And once you did wouldould you be able to access it efficiently?


Going back to the rebel forces: Once they had breached security and accessed the data, the way in which data was recalled was insane. It was so slow and archaic. What would happen if it took you that long to access your precious data archive? You need to be sure that your enterprise archiving solution provides tools to quickly access, browse, and search your archived data. All the archived data should be accessible from one central location. You cannot afford to have a slow data recall system. If you are involved in a regulatory audit, litigation, or records requests any delay can cost you money — it could even cause you to lose your case.

Don’t Lose Your Precious Data!

The Empire’s terrible outing in this episode could have been avoided entirely by better archiving and security practices. On top of it all (as if things weren’t bad enough already) they blew up the entire planet where all of their data was stored. Without a backup, this information would be lost forever. Moral of the story: Take steps now to make sure that you don’t lose your precious information! I know that no one out there (hopefully) is keeping sinister information like plans for a machine that can blow up a whole planet. But, your business communication information is important to your day to day operations. You need to ensure that you have good data archiving practices in place, complete with a backup. This will help secure your data and ensure that you comply with communication archiving requirements.


Retain Archiving

Retain Unified Archiving gives you the tools to ensure that your data is safe and secure. Retain archives multi-platform email, including Office 365, Exchange, Gmail, GroupWise and Domino, in addition to archiving social media and mobile communication. And Retain archives all this communication data in one central, easily accessible archive.

Retain features powerful search and eDiscovery tools, so that you can quickly and easily access all of your archived data, from one central location. Retain has controls that allow you to manage who has access to the archive.l End users can access their personal archive, while administrators and other named users can access the entire archive, based on granted rights. Retain features an audit trail to ensure that you know who has accessed the archive and what has been accessed. And Retain provides you with fully configurable policies that allow you to define the email, mobile, and social media communication data you want to archive. These policies allow you to define what is archived based on mailbox type, message source, item type, message status, the age of the message, and attachments. You can also filter by folder and attachment type.

As for creating a backup of your archive, Reload for Retain is the perfect mirroring, failover, and backup solution for your archive! Complete with features such as push button disaster recovery and triple replication (including to the cloud) will allow you peace of mind knowing that your archive is always secure with Reload for Retain running seamlessly in the background.

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