What Is Your Continuous Delivery Strategy?



Last week Microsoft introduced their new CEO, Satya Nadell.  I always like to read the “memo to the employees” from a new CEO.  It’s interesting to hear what inspires and motivates new CEOs and how they frame the mission and vision. Mr. Nadell states: “This is a software powered world” and “that software enables businesses to engage customers in more meaningful ways.”  In order to achieve this, businesses require IT to deliver a competitive advantage, not once a year, but on a continuous rolling basis.

While new companies such as Amazon.com, Etsy and Facebook have designed and delivered a “Continuous Delivery” practice, they have been largely free and unencumbered from legacy processes, platforms and environments.  Large traditional enterprises are not so lucky and require a strategy that transforms the legacy development and operational processes, methodologies and tools that support the complex hybrid infrastructure environments and platforms that are unique to the enterprise.

Continuous Delivery is a competitive advantage because it puts the release schedule in the hands of the business, not in the hands of IT. Getting there for the enterprise is a journey and requires a strategy. Join us on February 19 for a live webcast with Bola Rotibi, CIC Consulting’s Research Director. She will discuss the key challenges of achieving continuous delivery in the enterprise. Learn more!

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