What does Micro Focus mean to you?

At the beginning of a new Financial Year for Micro Focus, Jonny Crawford, an Inside Sales Manager, reflects on a year of transition.

Clichés may not be popular, but that doesn’t make them wrong. In a fast-moving world, standing still really does mean moving backwards. Our customers live in a world of perpetual change, driven by customer demand for innovation.

So how can we help? By evolving to help meet the challenges of change. Micro Focus develops and acquires the innovative solutions that make sense of the shifting landscape of enterprise IT. And 2015 was another year of adding key brands to the Micro Focus portfolio.

The Attachmate merger folded in the NetIQ, Novell and SUSE brands to the Micro Focus stable of market-leading enterprise IT solutions. For me, it meant a year of managing transition and understanding what the new brands offer our customers, while maintaining the quality customer service that underpins the current Micro Focus brand.

Speaking to our customers, I understand they want simplified brands, great products and improved clarity on what we can deliver and what we now stand for. So, here goes.

Our policy of tactical acquisition has assembled a portfolio focused on three primary capabilities; to build, operate and secure business-critical systems of applications and infrastructure.

Within those themes, our portfolio focuses on specific business areas; Identity and Access, COBOL Development, Application Testing and Delivery, Mainframe Solutions and Terminal Emulation. The standalone SUSE business will continue to deliver open source Linux solutions.


Our promise to customers is that they can innovate faster with lower risk. That means building the applications that meet the needs of the business today and tomorrow, operating data centers and business services with the best balance of cost, speed and risk and securing their data against the latest threats.

To showcase these capabilities we have given the shop window a polish; the relaunched microfocus.com reflects our customers’ request for a site that’s easier to navigate, with a stronger sense of identity and clearer messaging. See for yourself.

A new look. Familiar values

Our view going forward is the same as it has always been. That the fastest way to get results from new technology investments is to build on what you have–in essence, bridging the old and the new.

The new logo reflects this. A tweak, rather than a rebuild, it reflects the value of consistency and stability while acknowledging the need to move forward.

As I said at the start of this piece, standing still is not an option. The recent acquisition of Serena Software is further proof of our intention to add to–and invest in–our portfolio.

Our new product road maps chart the way to exciting directions, but all begin from the some start point – the core applications our customers already have.

These are exciting times; for our customers, it can mean the opportunity to achieve real innovation, whatever that looks like to them. Perhaps that is accessing mainframe applications from mobile devices, embracing DevOps or improving team collaboration.

For me, it is the chance to offer our customers, more chances to innovate in ways never thought possible before. With so many great products to talk about, this is a great time to lead an inside sales team and help you all build great software, faster.

If you want to talk about how Micro Focus can help you realise your innovation ambitions then please get in touch.

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