What’s happening in the Micro Focus Community?

In the seven weeks since its launch, the Micro Focus Community has been steadily gaining momentum and providing users, customers and partners with a forum for articles, comment and discussions.

There are over 600 regular users and, not surprisingly the Forums are the most visited parts of the site. There are several ongoing discussions about Micro Focus and our products underway on the forums, with over 20,000 thread views recorded to date. The Blogs are also proving very popular and are a great way to engage with Micro Focus product experts to get the inside story on what is happening.

Most encouraging, and useful for our customers, is the real sense of community that is being engendered. Experts and power-users among our customers as well as Micro Focus staff are taking the time to share their expertise and answer questions to help others.

Despite being launched on the same day as Visual COBOL R3, the Community is not just for COBOL customers. So, if you are using one of our other products – such as Caliber, Silk or StarTeam, or DevPartner and VisiBroker, for example – and you haven’t yet visited the Community, why not head over to the http://community.microfocus.com/Home and get involved in the discussions?

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