Webcast: Foundations of Object Oriented Programming for COBOL developers




As a COBOL programmer you will be familiar with procedural programming, and may be considering approaching Object Oriented programming for various reasons.

Using Object Oriented programming has a number of benefits, including the ability to harness the strengths of managed frameworks such as .NET and JVM. While it is possible to deploy procedural COBOL applications to these frameworks, OO extends to you the full advantages of these managed frameworks.

During the launch of Visual COBOL R4 we demonstrated how Visual COBOL provides the bridge.

Now there is a chance to learn about this in more detail. In a recent webinar, Software Systems Developer, Principal, Paul Kelly looked at why OO programming makes sense for a COBOL Programmer. He also demonstrated how you can:

  • gain incremental benefits from using OO COBOL in combination with existing COBOL code
  • experience the benefits of managed platforms such as .NET and JVM
  • use OO COBOL to harness the power of managed platforms from existing procedural COBOL applications, with very little effort

You can now watch the recorded webcast on our new Community ViewStream platform.

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