Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2017

If you’re a software developer and a fan of the latest Microsoft tech, then it’s highly likely you’ve seen the big industry announcement earlier this month. If not or if you’re still catching up on your email and news feeds, here it is……

On March 7th, Microsoft announced the latest release of its market leading IDE – Visual Studio 2017. As with any new software release, this latest Microsoft innovation delivers even more capability for the modern software developer, but this particular release also marks a significant milestone – the 20th anniversary of Visual Studio.

For over two decades, professional software developers have utilized this transformative toolset to deliver new desktop, web, cloud and mobile applications for the business and end users.  With the pace of technology change ever increasing, so has the capability within the Visual Studio offering.  From the very early days of waterfall practices and desktop development to the more modern agile delivery methods and DevOps practices across web, mobile and cloud platforms, the Visual Studio developer experience and capability has evolved each step along that two decade journey. A core component of its enduring success has been, of course, its loyal developer community and its core network of (VSIP) Visual Studio Integration Partners.

Micro Focus is proud to have shared in this spectacular Visual Studio journey. Working alongside Microsoft during the very early days of this IDE technology, over fifteen years ago, and through the VSIP program, ultimately delivering the first modern COBOL compiler for Visual Studio and .NET in the industry—Visual COBOL.  Micro Focus later introduced its popular DevPartner solution to the VSIP program integrating powerful debugging and analysis tools within a familiar IDE.  Both companies share a passion for technology and a strong spirit of innovation which is evidenced through its continual and collaborative software solutions.

In celebration of Microsoft’s 20th anniversary of Visual Studio, Micro Focus is also releasing a new version of its award winning development and modernization solution for business applications—Visual COBOL.

Today, we announce a developer preview of Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2017. Now you, as a professional or student developer, have the chance to try Microsoft’s new IDE alongside the latest in COBOL and .NET integration. Build, compile, debug and test COBOL applications with C# or VB.NET applications—all within the same IDE. Explore COBOL development with Azure using the latest Microsoft tools. As a developer, this unique toolset offers the best of both worlds—bridging the old and the new—and places the power of application modernization in the hands of both COBOL and .NET developers, teams.

Why not give it a try yourself?  Sign up for your complimentary copy HERE and start a new era of innovation with Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2017.

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