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Activity for the next VisiBroker release, Version 8.5, is stepping up a gear. VisiBroker 8.5 is the first release since Micro Focus acquired Borland and demonstrates our commitment to continue investing in its development to the benefit of our customers.

This update highlights some of the features and enhancements planned for VisiBroker 8.5

Platform Currency

Platform currency involves keeping up with new releases of operating systems, compilers and other supporting technologies such as chipset and binary modes. We intend to continue supporting currently used platforms, while also introducing next-generation versions where relevant.

Below is the planned (provisional) Platform Currency matrix for Version 8.5:

Operating System Processor Bits Compliers
Windows 7 X86 32 Sun JDK
Windows XP (SP2) C++
Windows Vista .NET
Windows Server 2008 (SP1)  
Windows Server 2003  (SP2/R2)  
(Standard & Enterprise editions)  
Includes Terminal Server X64 64  
(Oracle) Sun Solaris 10 SPARC 32 Sun JDK
64 C++
X86 32  
X64 64  
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0 X86 32 Sun JDK
X64 64 C++
Itanium 64 Sun JDK
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 X86 32 Sun JDK
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 X64 64 C++
Monta Vista Linux CGE V5.1 X64 X64 Sun JDK
Monta Vista Linux CGE V4.0 IBM JDK
HP-UX 11iv2 /11.23 PA-RISC 32 HP JDK
64 C++
HP UX 11i v3/11.31 PA-RISC 32  
Itanium 64  
AIX 6 (v6.1) POWER 32 IBM JDK
64 C++

“Pure” IPV6

IPV6 represents the extension of IP addressing to 128 bits from the 32 bits used by IPV4. Until now, it was supported only in a hybrid IPV4 / IPV6 network, whereby in Version 8.5,  all functionality (except OSAGENT) will be supported in absence of IPv4 on those platforms for which such a configuration is possible.

Logging Peformance Enhancements

The VisiBroker logging feature has been improved to better support diagnosis of faults (both in VisiBroker and in applications, should they occur):

  • The basic logging mechanism has been optimized to reduce the performance hit incurred when turning logging on;
  • The content of some log messages has been improved where, over time, those messages had become inconsistent;
  • The distribution of messages between the different log-levels has been adjusted so that the levels represent different trade-offs in information versus performance;
  • The performance impact of each level has been observed to verify the differences.

Customer-Reported Issues

VisiBroker 8.5 includes fixes for over 100 RPIs (customer or QA-reported issues). The full list will be included in the full “What’s New” document.

Benefits of Migration

For current VisiBroker customers the key benefits of migrating to VisiBroker 8.5 are:

  • Keeping current with the latest platform editions – whether operating system, compiler or other supporting technology, Version 8.5 will be the VisiBroker mainstream platform going forward.
  • Baseline for future enhancements – future enhancements will be done on the VisiBroker 8.5 code base and Micro Focus is taking steps to ensure binary compatibility between Version 8.5 and future releases.
  • Lower pricing for multi-core extensions – if you plan to extend your license footprint to new servers, or to migrate to multi-core servers, list prices for Version 8.5 multi-core are lower than for previous versions. Note that if you are already receiving a discount, price changes may not apply.

For further information, contact VisiBroker sales.

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