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Big news within Attachmate Corporation this week, we have announced our new MobileNow Strategy.

The MobileNow Strategy addresses the daily conflict of mobile device use and enterprise application needs —  users want to use mobile devices, it makes them more productive, but allowing the safe and productive use of these devices against enterprise class applications is anything but straightforward.

While mobile devices certainly present an IT challenge, it is an interesting challenge and certainly one of the more fun areas to work.
From an application integration perspective, the mobile challenge is right in our wheelhouse. And to this point, we have released several new mobile capable versions of our Verastream integration products. These releases are targeted at quickly enabling mobile device use against one of the hardest set of enterprise applications to access — mainframe and legacy applications. There is a new release each of Verastream Host Integrator, Process Designer, and Bridge Integrator.
All are designed to allow quick and easy access of legacy applications from mobile devices, any type and any form factor. A few of the enhancements now available are:
  • Instant zero-footprint emulation access to mainframe and i Series applications.
  • New rich HTML5 enhanced emulation themes tailored for better tablet productivity, iPads and the like.
  • Automatic and customizable ‘Hotspots’ to simplify control of host applications from a mobile device.
  • New customizable HTML5 enabled CSS available for creating custom tailored access.
  • Better control for exposing and managing server-side macros (procedures) in the mobile UI.
  • Improved control over building tailored processes that underpin custom mobile device workflows.      
With these new capabilities, you have a great way to give mobile devices users instant access to legacy applications, but with the ability to add and distribute custom automatons and ultimately create completely custom mobile experiences at anytime.
Come look at our new offerings:
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