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Continuing with our look at the most common Verastream uses, let’s examine application integration. In this use, Verastream plays its most pure middle-ware role.

Application integration is generally thought of as using software to control the process of linking separate applications together. According to the Wiki Page Enterprise Application Integration, “Enterprise Application Integration is an integration framework composed of a collection of technologies and services which form a middleware to enable integration of systems and applications across the enterprise.” (At least that is what it says as of Saint Patrick’s Day 2012 …)

Application integration is actually a very popular need that Verastream fulfills. Common drivers for this span many use- cases, but a few allow us to easily understand the underlying value. Probably one of the most intuitive is to examine a common need that Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM) have.

Several years ago, a large CRM vendor coined the term Enterprise CRM and talked about the greatly improved value that it had over a regular CRM system. While this was largely a marketing term, they had a point. What they were actually pitching was the improved value of a CRM implementation when connected to all related customer data — regardless of what systems the data originated from. Essentially, the high value of Enterprise CRM was simply a CRM system that had middle-ware based application integration behind it.  And the truth was, this did make CRM much more effective.

Imagine a sales person checking on account activities of one of their important customers, and how much better the system would be if it was linked to all the related information across the enterprise.  Past purchases, payment history, financial obligations, existing entitlements, as well as sales and marketing activities normally seen in a CRM.  Your sales force would definitely support this improvement. This example is in fact a common scenario that Verastream helps make true.

The CRM application when implemented drives the need for access to related customer information. Related information spans multiple applications which often include silos of data locked-up in mainframe or other legacy applications. Tackling this problem is what Verastream does.  Verastream is used to unlock the silos and present needed information seamlessly to the CRM system, and do so without the need to touch or modify the source application.

The result? The use of Verastream as application integration middle-ware let’s you maximize the value of your new application initiatives without having to wait for IT to redesign and modernize related enterprise systems.

Do you have silo applications that are holding you back?

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