Use Case Series: Translating Protocols On-The-Fly

As the world of data security changes, the number of transfer protocols in use continues to increase. Where insecure FTP once dominated file transfer, several secure alternatives are now widely used by enterprises around the world.

For your business, being able to transfer data using every major protocol increases your agility when it comes to establishing new partner relationships. For example, if your potential partner insists on using AS2, will you be prepared to invest in the technology required to support this?

When you are transferring data within your enterprise, you can define the transfer methods that suit you. Whenever you bring a third party into the process, you need a managed file transfer (MFT) solution that offers complete flexibility.

Consider an example from one FileXpress customer. The customer transfers data internally around different departments over FTPS. Internal servers are configured to prefer FTPS connections where possible, maintaining a consistent approach to security throughout the entire organization.

However, in one partnership, the customer was required to accept incoming data over AS2. Should the organization invest in technology required to support this? With FileXpress, that isn’t necessary.

Securely streaming files through the DMZ, FileXpress was able to automatically translate between these two transfer protocols. This allowed the trading partner to send data over AS2, while the business accepted it and continued its transit over FTPS.

FileXpress currently supports a wide range of open protocols including:
• FTP with PGP
• AS2

As well as open protocol translation, FileXpress also supports proprietary protocols designed for error recovery, alerts and post-processing.

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