Use Case Series: Secure Sending and Receiving Doesn’t Have to be Hard!

From File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to email to Dropbox to managed file transfer, there are many different ways to get your data from one place to another. The more trading partners you have and the more ambitious your file transfer implementations, the more of these methods you will use.

For IT administrators, this means an increased workload and more time spent on data transfer.

What makes managed file transfer (MFT) so valuable is that it brings your different file transfer methods together to make administration more convenient.

Consider this example:

A major housing association transfers several different data types with partners and customers. Almost all of this data is highly sensitive, including financial, tenant-related files. A file transfer solution that delivers robust security is essential.

Managing and auditing so many file transfers was a complex, time-consuming process for system administrators. The security was there, but it was inconvenient to access.

In turn, file transfer was a needlessly expensive process for the organization.

Then, the housing association found Attachmate FileXpress and has been using FileXpress for three years. They have seen a dramatic decrease in the number of file transfer issues and, when they do occur, they are caused by other parts of the system, not FileXpress.

In fact, FileXpress is a stable, solid and secure solution that is regularly used to uncover where problems originate and resolve them faster.

From a single intuitive interface, IT administrators can initiate transfers, manage users and authentication, automate common transfers and access detailed audit trails.

Meanwhile, users within the organization can transfer their data in just a few clicks, or have data automatically moved from local folders to another server.

FileXpress makes the process for users and IT administrators.

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