Use Case Series: Managing Multiple Implementations

Every business understands the importance of change and growth. Although our central lines of business remain the same, the way that we deliver them and the extent of our services are in a constant state of evolution.

When you select a managed file transfer (MFT) solution, you need to be confident that it can grow as your organization does. An implementation that seems perfect today may be limited in what it can do tomorrow.

At the rapidly growing insurance brokerage we’ve mentioned previously, a project manager was assigned the task of implementing Attachmate FileXpress in a small area of the business. Working closely with Attachmate, he was able to design an effective implementation and predict potential complications before they happened.

As well as support and advise, Attachmate was able to provide the project manager with something more valuable – confidence in their ability to provide a solution that would work.

Following a successful implementation that makes file transfer easier to maintain and monitor, the insurance company decided to initiate a new project to install FileXpress in another area of the business.

This bigger project would continue to integrate FileXpress as a core business application and integral workflow component.

With FileXpress, the company has a wide range of options when it comes to a new implementation. A new FileXpress Platform Server can function independently, with its own Command Center, user permissions and administration settings.

Alternatively, multiple FileXpress Platform Servers can be quickly registered with a single FileXpress Command Center, allowing the IT department to create, automate and audit both sections of the business from one convenient interface.

When this organization discovered how FileXpress could improve file transfer, it saw additional applications throughout its business.

Built with scalability in mind, FileXpress was ready to grow.

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