Use Case Series: Making Your Applications Support Team Efficient

In any organization, an applications support team needs a deep understanding of the software and systems in use. It is by drawing on this expertise that the team can help users to work efficiently and remain productive.

In the case of transferring data around a business, it is the applications support team that is usually responsible for managing and monitoring all data transfers, as well as providing support to users across the organization.

However, file transfer sees a lot of distinct components working together. Often, businesses manage a variety of different solutions and protocols to meet the varied demands of trading partners.

Working with all these solutions makes the job of an applications support team more difficult.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Some tools make it easier.

Consider this example:

An insurance broker depends on its applications support team to maintain business continuity. The company aggregates data from many suppliers on a daily basis, moves data around different areas of the business, and shares data with external partners.

The applications support team creates these secure file transfers, including event-driven automated transfers and ad-hoc transfers. The team also assists users who have specific file transfer requirements or dispute the successful delivery of a file.

To improve the efficiency of the team, the insurer required a powerful managed file transfer (MFT) solution that could be used to create a variety of different file transfers across several secure protocols.

The application support team, meanwhile, needed a solution that made the process easy and could offer detailed auditing from one convenient interface.

The insurance broker selected Attachmate FileXpress and now the team can provide more accurate support across the business.

Later, an Applications Support Analyst joined the team with no experience with managed file transfer systems. Because FileXpress is so easy to use the new applications support analyst could quickly set up new file transfer processes, monitor existing transfers, and resolve disputes over file delivery and integrity with little ramp up time.

As the gatekeepers to data sharing, the applications support team is an integral part of critical business operations. With the help of FileXpress, the team deals with fewer incoming requests for end-user support and can spend less time establishing new transfers and dealing with disputes.

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