Use Case Series: Making Partner Data Transfers More Flexible

Most organizations become interested in managed file transfer (MFT) because they need to move data quickly and efficiently. IT managers are looking for security, authentication and successful delivery, every single time.

But the specific way in which you choose to move data can have a significant impact on your business. Different organizations need to transfer data in different ways, sometimes pulling and sometimes pushing to achieve the ideal chain of transfer.

An MFT solution gives you the opportunity to transfer data internally or exchange data with your business partners on terms that suit you.

In the case of the non-profit housing association, data must be shared with multiple business partners daily. Most of the data that is transferred relates to properties managed by the organization, or the tenants of those properties.

The housing association’s partners cross multiple sectors and industries, from sub-contractors to lawyers and the police. Each partner has its own method of sharing and receiving data electronically, while the housing authority needs to exert complete control over data movement to remain compliant and keep data secure.

One of the key factors in the decision to implement Attachmate FileXpress was the ability to make partnership decisions more flexible.

The housing association can choose to automate transfers in any direction, either pushing data to remote servers including those operated by third parties, or having data pulled from the server at defined intervals.

Automation also allows the housing association to configure event-driven transfers. For example, when a file is updated on an internal server, it can be automatically transferred out of the business.

FileXpress enables the secure transfer of data, but it also gives you the opportunity to move data in a way that suits your operations.

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