Use Case Series: How Do You Find the Right MFT Solution?

The world of managed file transfer (MFT) can seem complex.

Many vendors offer different solutions. Each solution is usually made up of different components. Then, most vendors give you the chance to customize your solution with modules and add-ons.

While flexibility is an essential benefit of MFT, it can also get in the way of a simple question – which MFT solution is going to meet your business requirements and provide everything you need to share data more securely and efficiently? We’ve written previously about tools available to help you evaluate solutions.

At the housing association we introduced in previous blog posts, data is always moving. With 1,700 staff members, 70,000 tenants and 50,000 properties to manage, sensitive data needs to move efficiently between the organization, the local authority and other third parties.

In summer 2010, the housing association decided to implement a wide-reaching managed file transfer solution. In the absence of an internal MFT specialist, this task came to the applications solutions team manager. His knowledge was broad across many different areas of IT, but lacked depth and insight into managed file transfer specifically.

After getting in touch with Attachmate, the manager was impressed to receive detailed information on the features and benefits of FileXpress.

The Attachmate pre-sales team took the time to:
• Understand the requirements of the housing association
• Refine this requirement to make it more specific
• Explain how FileXpress could satisfy this requirement

After a formal procurement process that included comparing multiple solutions from a number of different vendors, the housing association selected FileXpress as its preferred solution.

The Attachmate team then provided valuable support during the implementation process and continues to assist the organization as required now that FileXpress is up and running.

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