Use Case Series: Comprehensive Isn’t Costly

As you compare different managed file transfer (MFT) solutions, there are a lot of things to consider.

Most of your selection criteria surrounding MFT will arise naturally from your goals. You will need to know who you plan to share data with, how much automation you require, and the level of auditing that is necessary.

The better you understand these requirements, the more informed your decision can be.

But, although features are important, there is one consideration that dominates the MFT decision for almost every enterprise – How much will it cost? We’ve written previously about how implementing a managed file transfer solution can help reduce operational expenses, by become more efficient.

However, the overall cost of the solution is a huge consideration when deciding what meets your needs.

Consider the large housing association we’ve discussed in previous posts. The association is a non-profit organization. As a divested asset of the local authority with a long public sector history, minimizing costs is essential.

Because it is in the public sector the housing association maintains strict procurement processes. These processes are designed to do one thing – find the most feature-rich solution at the lowest price.

Transferring thousands of files every day to partners including banks and the local authority, the housing association needed a dependable MFT solution that offered the highest possible standards in security.

During the procurement process, the applications solutions team manager compared leading MFT solutions from multiple vendors. He drew on advice and information from providers including Attachmate, positioning each solution in a like-for-like comparison based on technical features and price.

The results of the comparison were clear.

Attachmate FileXpress offers an expansive range of features across creating, managing, automating and auditing file transfers. With support for protocols including FTPS, HTTPS and AS2, as well as the ability to translate seamlessly between different protocols, its security was unparalleled.

But best of all, FileXpress came in as an affordable investment that was within the limited budget of this non-profit organization.

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