Use Case Series: Centralizing Your Mission Critical Records

Data is the commodity that drives modern business, and you need your data to be in the right place at the right time.

Depending on the size of your enterprise, you may be collecting masses of data from diverse sites, all of which needs to be brought together in one location.

On this scale, manual data transfers are too time consuming to be practical. With an automated solution that consolidates your data, you can be sure that the data you need is always accessible.

Consider the housing association; records for around 50,000 properties must be managed. Some of this data is confidential, while most of it is related to the legal obligations of acting as a landlord.

Annually, the organization is responsible for conducting approximately 20,000 gas safety checks. Once each check has taken place, the properties must be assigned a gas safety certificate that is stored on file for reference.

Working with paper-based certificates makes handling this quantity of data difficult. An electronic approach gives the housing association the chance to identify which properties have been certified, which properties are yet to be checked, and to display the relevant certificates quickly and easily.

The housing association uses FileXpress to manage the checks and certificates that are issued by third party contractors. When a gas safety inspection is completed, the sub-contractor uploads/dim the relevant gas safety certificate – a process that is powered by FileXpress.

The engineer then receives a receipt to confirm that the gas safety certificate has been successfully uploaded to the housing association. If issues arise during transfer, these can be efficiently investigated thanks to FileXpress’ detailed auditing capabilities.

Once the gas safety certificate has been received, it is not only stored independently, but also automatically added to each property’s asset register, which is managed as a linked file.

In the case of this housing authority, FileXpress plays a vital role in meeting important health and safety and legal requirements.

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