Use Case Series: Bringing Diverse Data Channels Together

Increasingly, enterprises need to send and receive data through a large number of different channels. Your data needs to be more flexible and more accessible than ever before.

Where data was once fairly confined to the restraints of a single business, modern data transfer must work seamlessly with internal departments, external partners, and the Internet.

But as your business takes advantage of new ways to use data and new opportunities for partnership, can your file transfer solution keep up?

In the insurance sector, one FileXpress customer maintains a particularly wide range of services and products. These include car insurance, motorcycle insurance, and related services such as breakdown cover.

The selling of insurance takes place across two major channels – a website and telephone inquiries. Customer data is collected through online quotes and manual input from call center staff, 24/7/365.

Additionally, the insurance broker needs to share its data with third parties as part of insurance claims processing.

FileXpress Platform Server was able to support an initial list of 49 processes that the insurance broker had identified, including data transfer internally, externally and from the Internet-facing side of the business.

Soon, the organization had identified more than 200 processes where FileXpress could be useful. The implementation was easily scaled to meet this increased demand and handle a larger number of file transfers, many of which occur at regular intervals throughout the day.

More recently, the customer identified an opportunity to outsource its printing processes to a third-party supplier. Confident in the ability of FileXpress to handle a significant increase in scope, the insurance broker was able to take advantage of this new relationship with certainty that FileXpress would maintain its exceptional performance.

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