Ultimate Software Replaces Symantec Altiris with Serena Release Automation

Today Serena announced that Ultimate Software, a leading provider of human capital cloud management solutions for global business, selected Serena Release Automation, powered by Nolio, as its application deployment solution for Development.

Ultimate Software has thousands of servers and multiple deployments running daily from pre-production to production. At such a fast pace and high volume of application changes, it’s absolutely critical that they employ a streamlined process-approach to release automation.

Previously, Ultimate Software was using Symantec Altiris but decided to evaluate other deployment solutions in search of one that could manage their complex applications, improve operational efficiencies and streamline the deployment process. Serena’s Release Automation solution addressed these criteria and is expected to reduce their application release deployment times and significantly decrease operational costs.

The tech company’s Director of Infrastructure and Deployment Strategy, Brian Goldberg, told us: “Following months of meticulous research, we identified Serena as the best application deployment solution on the market. We realized that existing infrastructure automation solutions, such as Altiris, can do a good job when you need to provision new servers, but when it comes to application releases and deployments, it’s a different story. We look forward to leveraging Serena’s Release Automation solution as our unified deployment solution and ensuring the highest level of security and reliability.”

Learn more about Serena Release Automation, powered by Nolio, which is a component of Serena’s end-to-end Release Management solution.

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