U2U? B2B? A2A? Won’t someone start using actual words?



Don’t you get tired of acronyms?

Naw, me neither.  I love them.

I remember the first time I was able to rattle of “ODBC API” really fast, without tripping over my own tongue (yes, it was a long time ago).  So satisfying.


Acronyms can be quite useful…once you know what they stand for.  In the world of managed file transfer (MFT) we use a lot of acronyms.  Terms like U2U, B2B, A2A, and so on pop up in our conversations and literature all of the time.  You’d think we’d get a clue and figure out that not everyone has been speaking in file-transfer-ese all their life.

And now we have!  (got a clue, that is).

The video below describes at a high level the common business file transfer use cases you’ll find out there, and what is challenging their ability to operate today in the same way they were able to yesterday.  The video also spells out (bad pun) some of those pesky acronyms and gives them context.  You’ll also find it provides a framework for you to reason out where new requirements may be impacting how your organization is moving files; between users, between businesses and between applications.

Now you too can be an acronym-slinging MFT insider.   Pretty cool, huh?

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