#TransformYourWorld with brick-by-brick Digital Transformation



There are few more unifying things in life than Lego. Whether your kids play with it, or you enjoyed it in your own childhood, everyone likes these plastic bricks (unless you stand on one).

There’s brand synergy here, too. We are, of course, committed to bringing digital transformation to our customers’ hybrid IT infrastructures. Seriously grown-up stuff. Meanwhile, Lego’s #RebuildTheWorld pushes the free-thinking mindset children use to overcome problems.

So where do our minds meet? Simple. We both want our customers to build bridges. Sure, the Lego version is a beauty, but our bridge is market-leading software that links business-critical systems to the new technologies that enable innovation, and #TransformYourWorld. And how do we define Digital Transformation?

Four paths, one journey

But how do we show, rather than explain how we do that? Is there a better way of illustrating how the Micro Focus model of four intersecting paths, all leading to digital transformation, work? And how do we define digital transformation?

How the tools enabling the enterprise to build, operate, secure, and analyze span the key areas of Enterprise DevOps, Hybrid IT Management, Security, Risk & Governance, and the Predictive Analytics that create actionable insights?

The old adage is to show, not tell. And what better way to visualize all the moving parts of the Micro Focus portfolio than through the medium of Lego? So that’s what we did.

Behold, the Lego Experience!

This marvel of plastic brick engineering was the brainchild of Lars Rossen and his colleagues and their families, from our Denmark and German offices. Lars, Heiko Dinger, EMEA PreSales and their teams doubled up as architects and construction workers to create a Lego structure that represented the Micro Focus portfolio as a series of interconnected buildings.


For example, SMAX is a shopping mall, because would-be customers can enter, browse and buy. Application Delivery was our rollercoaster, and so on.  Having put it all together, they had to take it to pieces and move it to Vienna in time for Micro Focus Universe.

We also took it out on the road, so our customers could understand what it is we do here, and more importantly, what that could do for them.

Transporting it all to Micro Focus Universe 2019 in Vienna was a challenge, as it had to be de-constructed, packed carefully into carry-on suitcases, and carefully re-built over the next two days.

The Lego city or now ‘Legopolis’ was a huge draw. Visitors were asked to write their name on a Lego figurine and place it where they were having IT issues. This was a great conversation starter that enabled us to get straight to customers’ challenges, and where we could offer solutions.

Who knows how much pipeline $4,000 worth of Lego may have generated?


Now, the Lego Studio has pop-ups all over the world. Accenture was so impressed about our large portfolio, powerful message and mutual references they now have a permanent display behind plexiglass in their Madrid office.

Want the full story? Check out the embedded YouTube video below and/or read on here.

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