Top File Transfer Headaches and How to Find Relief

It is no surprise that transferring enterprise data continues to be a hot topic that impacts organizations large and small. Everyone transfers files, but not everyone transfers files securely, effectively and efficiently. This can lead to painful headaches for IT staff and end users.

Aberdeen analyst Derek Brink wrote in his report “Secure/Managed File Transfer: Why You Should be Looking More Closely Right Now” (published in August 2011), that enterprise data is undergoing exponential expansion in terms of volume, proliferation of formats, and the speed at which it flows in and out of the organization. Additionally, Forrester analyst Ken Vollmer discussed the rapid growth of the managed file transfer market, illuminating the shortfalls of traditional technologies in his report “Market Overview: Managed File Transfer Solutions ” (published in July 2011).

This large growth is why companies are experiencing headaches when transferring files. Most organizations are not properly equipped to scale at such a rapid pace. Mismanaging file transfers can also create security and audit issues, require additional manpower spent troubleshooting and provisioning file transfers, result in non-delivery of key business materials, and create dissatisfaction among customers and business partners—not to mention, increasing costs. These are pains most organizations want to avoid.

Recently, I summarized these pains in a contributed article, “Top File Transfer Headaches and How to Find Relief,” that published in the March issue of Data Center Journal. Read the full article here.

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