Top 5 xChange13 “Aha!” Moments

A week after xChange13 wrapped up I followed up with track owners and asked what their top 5 moments were from xChange13.  Some I could have guessed, others were more surprising.

1. Top of the list was the reception that the Dimensions CM preview received.  You can sign up for the preview program here.  The reaction from customers was amazing.  They can’t wait to get their hands on the finished version.

2. The DevOps Panel (photo above) featuring Eric Kunkel (MMA), Damon Edwards (DTO Solutions), Dave West (Tasktop), Greg Sikes (Serena) was extremely popular.

Observations were spot on and the banter was extremely entertaining. Watch the xChange13 DevOps Panel and see for yourself!

3. A hot customer session was Ron Rogeau of UBS presenting how Serena Release Manager is being used at UBS to transform release management.  The room was packed and there were a lot of extremely interested people eager to learn about Release Management at enterprise scale.

4. Serena CEO Greg Hughes presented the top 5 priorities to transform your release management and elevate your career which really got attendees thinking about release management possibilities.

5. As it was my first xChange conference I was particularly impressed at the passion of the attendees.  Many have attended xChange for several years and still turn out with enthusiasm. Their trips are made worthwhile with the assurance of learning something new and having great conversations.

Finally, a shout out to our wonderful master of ceremonies Mr. Kevin Parker who was magnificent on the main stage and looked absolutely stunning in white!

I’m looking forward to the next xChange and other customer events around the world.  See more photos from xChange13!


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