Time for a ChangeMan: A New Automated Migration Utility

When your old technology prevents you from running your IT department the way you want, it’s time for a change. But so much of what we have is so deeply ingrained into all our systems, processes and reporting. That’s why we have created an automated migration utility that can move you from your old mainframe software change and release solution to the most modern and advanced solution from Serena.

It has never been more critical to have control and visibility in your release management infrastructure than it is today. Managing and balancing the risk and velocity of change is one of the top tasks an IT function has to provide. The business expectations of IT and the demand for controls require that we put in place advanced solutions that monitor what we are doing and ensure the audit trails are there for verification. Most of all, we want the technology to accelerate what we do while, at the same time, improve the quality and reduce the risk.

Change, configuration and release management systems designed in the 1970’s cannot meet the 21st century expectations. Serena’s ChangeMan ZMF (see picture above) continues to be at the forefront of mainframe software change and release management. Uniquely, it supports mainframe development, irrespective of where the developer is, and allows for deployment to all the mainframe execution environments.

So how do you make the change from your current solution to ChangeMan ZMF? A simple answer is our automated migration utility. The utility will migrate your existing inventory of source code, including all the versions and relationships, and will load them into the ChangeMan baseline libraries. It takes just a few minutes for each application. The utility will also report on errors it finds, including missing components, duplicate components and junk components.

Meet us next week at our global user conference, xChange13, in Miami and we’ll show you exactly how this works.  Register now!

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