Thrilled to be Taking on a New Challenge




After seven great years here at Serena, I am thrilled to announce my new role as Senior Vice President of Products, where I will lead all product development and strategy across Serena’s award-winning portfolio of technologies. Our core purpose here at Serena is to advance the business value of IT by orchestrating application development, delivery, and support. In my humble opinion, Serena has never been so relevant to the industry and solves today’s tremendous market needs.

Needless to say, I’m excited about this new opportunity and look forward to continuing to bring the industry the most innovative ALM, enterprise DevOps, and IT service management solutions available today.

Most recently I served as GVP & GM of SBM Products & IT Service Management where I worked to develop and launch the Serena Service Management Solution, which received the coveted Pink Elephant Innovator of the Year Award last year. Prior to that, I was VP of SBM products here at Serena where I defined the strategy for process-based visual application assembly and developed the SBM Platform to fulfill the orchestrated IT solution strategy for Serena.

In the year ahead, I plan to help Serena continue our great journey of strengthening Serena’s leadership position and will focus on automating and streamlining the supply chain process of application development, delivery and support. We plan to further leverage Serena’s underlying PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) to empower Managed Service Providers and Online Enterprises looking to deliver differentiated process-based application content to their cloud (Process-as-a-Service). Stay tuned!

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