Three Reasons to Reuse Not Reinvent

Recently, I was working with a winery with an AS/400 that was completely customized for its business. The applications were business critical and tailored to fit the organization. But the system was outdated.

In this scenario what should a business do? Purchase a new modern system or update the existing system? New is not always better and there are options for leveraging existing applications in a modern way. Businesses such as this winery should consider “reusing” their existing legacy applications with legacy modernization versus “reinventing” and purchasing new applications.  We’ve identified three main reasons why businesses should consider the “reusing” option:

  • Retain your investment. By leveraging your existing applications in a modern way, you are able to continue to get more bang for your buck out of your old applications. This increases the return on investment from existing assets.
  • Retain functionality. By choosing to modernize the applications in place you are able to retain the functionality of your existing applications that have been customized to your business. If you purchase new applications and have to recreate the functionality, you could lose valuable information that you are dependent on.
  • Increase Efficiency. Leveraging existing applications and putting a modern interface on them is easy. Businesses experience measurable improvements in productivity and have little exposure to down time with this approach.

Additionally, reusing your existing applications in a modern way with the help of a legacy modernization solution will help alleviate costly upgrades and you’ll be able to access existing applications quickly. You don’t have to start from scratch. Why reinvent the wheel when you don’t have to?

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