This week on “Doug Serena CIO”: Episode Two

On Monday, March 19th, episode two of the docudrama Doug Serena, CIO airs, continuing the story of CIO extraordinaire Doug Serena and his team’s efforts to save the insurance brokerage firm Qlarius from going under. Doug Serena, CIO is a hero’s journey through major business challenges, setbacks and personal frustrations to the promised land of boardroom-level business success.

The miniseries includes five 5-minute webisodes, viewable here at or on our YouTube channel. While it features Serena’s Orchestrated IT solutions, it’s designed to be entertaining and of interest to non-Serena technology shops as well.

In last week’s premier episode we were introduced to the crisis engulfing Qlarius and the idea on how IT can save the day through the development and delivery of a sales application, Millennium. We are also introduced to the main players, including Doug’s stellar team and the ever so skeptical SVP of Sales, “Brad”.

Tune in on Monday to see how a potential hurdle is crossed when Doug’s earlier decision to Orchestrate IT helps solve what could have been a project-killing operational issue. Also see how the use of the award-winning Serena Service Manager system helps save the company $600K and tons of time through its innovative visual composition capability.

Brad and Doug’s team weigh in on working with Doug, and past Qlarius CIO’s, which includes a white board diagram you have to see to believe.

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