This week on “Doug Serena, CIO”: Episode Three

Episode three of the popular docudrama Doug Serena, CIO airs on Monday, March 26th, continuing the case study of an intrepid IT leadership team’s quest to transform their company from endangered to dominating.

In episode two, we learned how a potential hurdle was crossed when Doug’s earlier decision to Orchestrate IT helped solve what could have been a project-killing operational issue. In addition, we saw how Serena Service Manager helped Qlarius save $600K.  We also got some color on Doug’s nemesis, Brad, the ever so skeptical SVP of Sales.

Episode three is dominated by a strategy session where Doug’s team witnesses first-hand the process visualization benefits of deep dashboard metrics. The team’s ability to deliver the Millennium project hangs in the balance. Monday’s episode also provides insight into why Michelle is the “Tigris” of Doug’s team, and why the timing of Jason’s latest family edition could have been better. You’ll also see Brad’s continued “enthusiastic support” of the project.  

Anyone care to guess where in the world Doug and his wife are hoping to travel on the trip mentioned in episode three? There is a hint in the episode of a certain mountain that might be close to their destination. Figure it out and you could win a $20 Starbucks Card in the upcoming Doug Serena, CIO trivia contest that will soon kick off on Twitter. Starbucks Cards will be awarded daily and at random to someone who answered the trivia question correct that day in this scavenger hunt-style contest. Stay tuned to @DougSerenaCIO for details!

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