This week on “Doug Serena, CIO”: Episode Four

Episode four of the popular docudrama Doug Serena, CIO airs on Monday, April 2nd, continuing the case study of an intrepid IT leadership team’s quest to transform their company from endangered to dominating.

In episode three, the point was driven home that the fate of not only Doug’s team, but also the entire company hinges on the success of the release of the Millennium application. This knowledge has Brad even more on edge about Doug’s abilities as CIO, though he does make time to spy in on a working session of Millennium in action. It is in this working session that optimism grows for Doug’s team about the application’s success as they witness the powerful performance metrics of the IT team in action through the Serena Dashboard.

Episode four highlights the growing tension between “Team Doug” versus “Team Brad” as the release deadline for Millennium nears. In fact, Doug sees firsthand Brad’s level of trust, or lack thereof, on the chances of Millennium’s success. We are also introduced to a personal side of Doug as he discusses the orphans living in India that he and his wife proudly sponsor. If all goes well, Doug and his wife will have the opportunity to finally fly to India and meet “their” children in person.

You too can help a child in need by donating to SOS Children’s Villages, an international aid organization that supports orphans around the world. Sponsor a child online here:

Enjoy the show and don’t forget to participate in our daily trivia contest for a chance to win prizes.

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