There’s a better way to deploy (part 6)

** Please note: The SDA Community Edition is no longer available. ** 

Myth: Errors happen: It’s software

Errors do occur. They occur for a reason. Often those reasons are out of our control. Someone changes an IP Address of a server. Someone changes the password to the back office system. Someone changes the name of a shared .DLL.

Of course in a well-managed and carefully controlled environment those kinds of things shouldn’t happen without the proper authentication, notification and approval. And the infamous “someone” is a responsible professional who calculates the impact of their changes and collaborates with everyone to minimize that impact. In a perfect world.

In the real world change is constant and calculating the consequences of change virtually impossible. Errors can occur and it is our job as release engineers to ensure that they don’t.

Every time we manually fix a problem we waste our effort and no one learns from the experience. The same errors occur repeatedly and we keep applying the same fixes.

When your deployment is automated there might still be errors that occur. However now, when you improve the automation, those errors are addressed once and for all. Each time you do this you save time and money for your organization and get closer to a comprehensive solution.

Never send out another memo about a changed process or new exception. Implement them in the deployment automation directly so that they become the new organizational standard.

And never worry again about the changes to your tool chain when vendors update their tool integrations. With Serena solutions we keep an extensive library of deployment tool vendor integrations so you don’t need to.

Serena Deployment Automation supports toolchain integration by providing a flexible, robust, and extensible plug-in architecture.


In order to help you get started with your automation, Serena has made their latest version of Serena Deployment Automation available in a Community Edition format that lets you experience the most up-to-date deployment automation technology for free.

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