There’s a better way to deploy (part 4)

** Please note: The SDA Community Edition is no longer available. ** 

Myth: Emergency fixes are different

“I don’t want to know why it happened: I just want you to fix it!” was what I was told early one morning by the Director of Sales. And she was right: getting the online store back online was the most important thing for the business. Blamestorming would come later.

There is a temptation at 3:00 am to just do whatever it takes to bring the system back on the air even if that means bypassing protocols and procedures designed to protect system integrity. Sales-and-Marketing and Audit-and-Compliance might not see eye-to-eye on this approach.

So why do emergency fixes have to be different? This myth is all about time. The time it takes to write the script. The time it takes to execute the script. The time it takes to get the system back on the air.

Approvals where you need them

Half the effort and a tenth of the time

With Serena’s Deployment Automation we can halve the time it takes to create a script and we reduce that actual deployment times by 90%. And we do not bypass the audit controls, the change reporting or the system integrity.

Whether you are changing one setting in a DNS configuration or every .DLL in the application the procedure for updating your application is the same. You should not rely on the skill, experience and knowledge of a tired release engineer who is working under the pressure of a very upset executive. It is at these times when you must rely upon proven and reliable solutions that deploy consistently, safely and quickly.


In order to help you get started with your automation, Serena has made their latest version of Serena Deployment Automation available in a Community Edition format that lets you experience the most up-to-date deployment automation technology for free.

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