There’s a better way to deploy (part 3)

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Myth: Every target is unique

When we started this series we talked about how release engineers have difficulty in keeping up with the rate of change in their environment. Every day a new security patch or software update is applied that changes the known topology of one or more deployment targets.

This is why, some release engineers insist, they have to hand-craft the deployment scripts each and every time.

In an ideal world every target environment would be standardized. But we don’t live in an ideal world. Whether it is our own on-premise platforms, virtualized or cloud platforms we know that their configurations are in a state of constant evolution. This makes it hard for release engineers who must spend time determining the target topology before they write and execute the deployment script.

Any time we rely upon humans we introduce the possibility of error. What if we could detect the target topology before we deploy and then follow a script for that combination of configurations?

Serena’s Deployment Automation allows you to do just that. In fact it even allows you to stand up your virtualized and cloud-based platforms right there in your deployment thus ensuring that the deployment target is what you expect it to be.

All new process edit or out of the box Serena Deployment Automation integrates with many third party technologies. Everything from your favorite code repository and build tool to your deployment and test technologies and it even integrates with your problem management system.

Using a graphical design environment, release engineers can construct their deployment automation quickly and design it so that different logical paths are followed depending on what target topology is encountered.

Now you get to build upon your proven automation and keep pace with the evolving landscape that surrounds you.


In order to help you get started with your automation, Serena has made their latest version of Serena Deployment Automation available in a Community Edition format that lets you experience the most up-to-date deployment automation technology for free.

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