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Launching soon: Borland StarTeam 12.0

Earlier today Micro Focus announced the general availability of the Borland Connector for Tasktop. At the same time we announced the forthcoming availability of StarTeam 12.0. The latest version of our robust, highly-scalable change and configuration management platform will be available in December.  This is exciting news for developers, who can now devote more time to coding, and for managers who need more accurate, complete information and visibility.

Connecting the ‘last mile’ of software delivery

One thing is for sure, delivering great software in a consistent, predictable manner isn’t easy. Many of the challenges lie within connectedness and change management. Improvements made to these areas help overcome the major difficulties you face. So, when you track, trace and keep all relevant artifacts in the software delivery process in synch throughout any changes, you keep surprises to a minimum. What’s more, by connecting all the way through to the source code itself you ensure that your developers become fully paid-up members of that process, and you benefit from information that is more complete than ever.

With the combination of StarTeam 12.0 and the Borland Connector for Tasktop, the connection of software delivery’s ‘last mile’ starts to become a reality, even across disparate technology landscapes.

Benefits delivered by this approach include:

  • Developers stay focused on developing software – all requirements, bugs, tasks, and relevant source files are brought directly to them and managed within their IDE
  • Managers receive greater accuracy, traceability and development efficiency – all delivery artifacts link automatically as a natural part of the development process, with automated time-tracking, snapshots and versioning
  • Organizations gain maximum visibility across the entire software delivery process – Tasktop connectivity and the ability to define your own artifacts combine to bring all relevant artifacts within the full power of the StarTeam change management platform.

To learn more about how this approach can help your development activities, take a look at:

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