The Need for Office 365 Archiving

A related indicator of Office 365’s popularity is the opinion that many companies moving to Office 365 are migrating their on-premises email archives to the integrated Office 365 email archive with the expectation (or hope) of reducing overall operating costs over that of their on-premises archiving solutions. Office 365 does include several built-in general-purpose email archiving capabilities and some basic functionality, such as simple eDiscovery and high-level retention capabilities for regulatory compliance. However, for many these simple capabilities may not be enough. For example, the search capability built into Office 365 presents several important limitations that many will find difficult to accept, especially for those trying to respond to eDiscovery requests.

The most important question organizations contemplating an email archive migration to Office 365 should ask themselves is this: will the Office 365 email archiving capability meet or exceed the capabilities that were originally required when the stand-alone email archive was purchased in the first place? Obviously, the answer to that question will drive the decision whether to migrate an email archive to the Office 365 cloud archive or keep them in a stand-alone, third-party email archiving platform.
In today’s complex business, legal and regulatory environments, basic email archiving functionality is not enough and may end up costing an organization more than expected.
  • The legal, regulatory and business requirements for email archiving continue to grow and are becoming more complex.
  • The risk and costs associated with inadequate email archiving capability continue to rise.
  • In today’s legal and regulatory environments, a powerful and comprehensive search capability is a must. Known Office 365 search limitations pose additional risks and costs not found with more powerful third-party archiving solutions.
  • Office 365 email archiving capability does provide many basic archiving capabilities, but does not meet the additional eDiscovery and regulatory requirements many organizations are faced with.
  • Many third-party email archiving solutions have designed their solutions to meet the most stringent and complex email archiving requirements.
Retain—Email Archiving for Office 365
Retain is the archiving solution for Office 365. Retain provides simple eDiscovery, messaging archiving and data publishing for Office 365 customers looking to optimize storage, ensure compliance, and reduce legal costs.
*Information comes from the GWAVA/Osterman whitepaper, “The Need for Third-Party Archiving in Office 365”

Osterman Whitepaper

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