The future of the mainframe: A CIO survey by The Standish Group



What does the future hold for the mainframe? It’s a question that’s frequently asked and to provide some answers once and for all the Standish Group recently undertook a survey of CIOs at Fortune 1000 companies about their use of the mainframe.

The survey findings give valuable insight into the perceptions and intentions of the CIOs:

  • 70% said that while the mainframe plays a strategic role in their organization today, in five years NONE of the CIOs considered that the mainframe would play a central role
  • 59% propose to migrate core mainframe applications to a Windows, UNIX or Linux platform
  • 78% are either currently engaged in a modernization exercise or plan to be within 18 months – leaving 22% without a modernization plan.

This is just a snapshot of the main findings, you can read more detail here

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