The Evolution of RevApps

My recent post at WIRED Insights on the Evolution of RevApps is generating plenty of positive feedback.  People are commenting that the focus on Revenue Applications brings fresh insight to a variety of related topics, most especially DevOps.  Or as the posting says, enterprises must properly organize themselves, adopt the necessary tooling and set the right goals to succeed in this brave new world.

What brave new world is that?  The one that has crept up on us, where industry after industry now markets themselves to consumers via the wonders of their RevApps. File an insurance claim? Check in for a flight? Deposit a check? Shop for groceries? All via RevApps.  These B2C examples can be equally matched in most B2B industries.

The reality of living and dying based on the success of RevApps is driving a bifurcation in IT organizations, new process models within RevApp IT and the adoption of new tool chains.  That last is where Serena generates our revenue, but we’re also a participant in the community that is defining the new organizational and process models.  To that end, I’m pleased that the Evolution of RevApps is making a contribution.

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