The Big COBOL Survey – 2019

#COBOL60 recap

I’m pretty sure that you’ll have heard the news that COBOL turned 60 in September 2019 but if this somehow passed you by, please visit our dedicated #COBOL60 page to read the press, download the whitepaper, enjoy the webinar recording and generally find out more.


COBOL is arguably one of the most pervasive and adaptive technologies that the world’s ever seen. Designed specifically for conducting business, Grace Hopper and the original #TeamCOBOL who developed it did an incredible job of predicting the ever-changing future needs of Global enterprise and government systems. 60 years later it’s still going strong and powering the vast majority of core applications the world requires. At Micro Focus, maintaining that ‘predictive prowess’ enables our Application Modernization and Connectivity portfolio to meet your needs now and in the future. To that end we’d like to ask for your help and introduce you to the……..<drumroll please>……:

Big COBOL Survey – 2019


Micro Focus have partnered with world-renowned research firm, Vanson Bourne to understand what drives the continued success of #COBOL for both the business and developer.  If you are connected to #COBOL as an architect, software engineer, developer, development manager or IT executive—then you owe it to yourself to weigh in and have your say.  It’s a chance to shape the future of this legendary language, and the direction that Micro Focus product development will doubtless travel.

What’s in the survey?

The strategic importance of COBOL applications to your business, your future application roadmap, planning, development toolchain and resources are all covered. Unsurprisingly, Digital Transformation and integration with newer platforms and technologies such as Cloud, Containers, APIs and web services also feature. Finally we hope to find out how you’re addressing the critical ‘skills’ challenges of the future so that we can provide better support and investment.

What’s in it for me?

Micro Focus and Vanson Bourne are hosting a webinar on February 12th to announce the top findings from the research, which you are welcome to attend. The survey is available in various languages, shouldn’t take much of your time and it really is your chance to share your personal perspective and help shape a significant piece of research. That perspective will help Micro Focus to continue with the right investment to support your strategic COBOL-based business applications through ‘digital transformation’ and into the future.

The entire COBOL community will end up being very grateful if you’d participate and take the survey now. If you’d like to find me and talk more about anything, I’m right here on Twitter. Many thanks in advance for all your help and I look forward to talking with you on February 12.


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