The Best Way to Manage iOS Enterprise Communication Data

The talk around the watercooler is that all of your employees want to know why they can’t use their iPhones for work. And why wouldn’t they? Apple makes a great smartphone, and has the largest number of available apps on the market. Is it possible? Could your employees use their devices for personal use as well as to conduct a significant amount of business? How would you protect your company and gain business insights, plus capture and manage the business communication data they are generating for archiving and analysis?

Unfortunately, eDiscovery is no longer limited to email. It is becoming an increasingly common requirement as part of litigation, to produce your employees’ mobile communication data like SMS, MMS, BBM, BBM Protected, and phone call logs. This applies to all businesses, but is especially significant if your organization operates in heavily regulated industries such as Healthcare, Finance, Education, and Government. There are specific regulations that require business activities, including all communication data like email, mobile messages, social media, and instant messages, to be preserved and easily retrievable. Not only does this business communication data need to be captured and archived, it must also remain secure.

Apple Devices are locked down

Because Apple devices are locked down, that makes it difficult to capture the required data. Without jailbreaking an iPhone it is almost impossible to collect iMessaging messages, SMS/MMS text messages, or phone call logs. This creates a huge problem for organizations that want to have oversight on mobile device communication. If you cannot view what your employees are saying to customers or to one another about business concerns, problems can arise. These problems can include harassment, insider trading, data leakage, and sharing of proprietary or sensitive information. Furthermore, if your organization is involved in a lawsuit or regulatory audit, you must be able to produce all messages, including those from your employees’ iPhones.

Some “archiving” solutions use tethering or synching to archive data, however this is unreliable. It forces businesses to rely on employees to actively do something in order to archive. This allows people to tamper with data before it is archived. They can even delete or edit messages before they are captured. This is not true enterprise archiving. Let’s look at a true iOS archiving solution that meets the mobile oversight needs of enterprise organizations, without having to rely on employees tethering or syncing their data.

How to Access the Data on iOS: Dual Persona

iOS iPhone dual persona app separates personal and business data

CellTrust has created an application for iOS devices, like iPhones and iPads, that creates a Dual Persona, or second account on the phone. The app assigns a separate mobile business number to the iPhone. This mobile business number allows employees to call and text from the CellTrust app. The phone calls and messages are encrypted, archived, and are kept secure! All of the phone call logs and text messages sent via the app are then archived in Retain archiving software.

The CellTrust app allows employees keep their personal communication separate when using the normal iPhone apps and functions, while giving them the ability to carry on business communications via the CellTrust app. In addition to this separate and secure business communication, you have added oversight of their business communication data with the Retain Unified Archive, that includes powerful search and eDiscovery tools. Plus, Retain seamlessly archives this data without the need for end-user sync or tethering. Retain and CellTrust give you a complete and compliant enterprise mobile archiving software solution.

What are you waiting for?

By combining the power of CellTrust Secure Mobile and Retain Unified Archiving, your organization can provide separate and secure mobile business communication for iOS devices, can comply with mobile archiving regulations, and can keep you prepared for any potential litigation or information request.

More Info

If you would like a more in-depth overview of how to best archive your organizations iOS device data, watch this recorded webinar that includes an overview of these solutions. The webinar includes a LIVE demo of the software so you can see how it works.

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